The Other Door

The Other Door is reopening as a private club, Risky Business, where vaccinated members can socialize face to face, share beer and shots and kombucha and tea, play pool, chill on the cozy patio, and enjoy real human contact, as nature intended. Nobody will be allowed on premises or issued a membership without proof of vaccination.


Once you prove your vaccination status and are accepted as a member, you will receive a slick personalized metal membership card. Cards are etched with their priority, ranging from "FIRST CARD", to "FIRST TEN CARDS", to "FIRST FIFTY CARDS", and so on. The earlier you join, the more privileges will come with your membership. Even if you are not yet vaccinated, you can join now and your priority will be preserved when you activate your membership.


In practice, this means we will be serving MEDICAL STAFF, FIRST RESPONDERS, FOOD SERVICE and other ESSENTIAL WORKERS, through the end of April. We know you guys have been keeping civilization from falling apart the past year, and need a place where you can unwind. Starting in May, the general public will be able to get vaccinated and activate their memberships as well. We expect this will be a fun and eclectic group to hang out with, and we reserve the right to refuse or revoke any membership if we decide, at our sole discretion, that someone will harsh our vibe.


Your membership fee helps cover the cost of verifying your vaccination status and creating this unique oasis. And as we develop a second experience alongside Risky Business, your membership will gain you access there as well, at no extra charge. All memberships are 50% OFF right NOW, and you can buy them for your friends, but the discount won't last long!


If you are not yet vaccinated when you purchase your membership, we will help you get vaccinated when you are eligible. If you are 50 or older you will be eligible on April 1st. If you are 21 or older you will be eligible on April 15th. We assist members finding their vaccination appointments in the order they purchased their membership. And we will help you celebrate the day you get your jab in the arm, outside the club, but your membership will not be active until weeks later, when your body has produced sufficient antibodies to reduce the risk of transmission.


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