Desperate Times

As you can imagine, there is nothing more difficult than facing the possible end of something you love. Over these many months, we have confronted the uncertain future of The Other Door, our beloved potion lounge and live music venue in North Hollywood. Of course everyone always muses that bars will never go out of business, because people will always need a drink...but with a half a year of closure behind us, and who knows what ahead of us, we are facing the reality that the hospitality industry is more vulnerable than we all thought.

And then we had an idea. We realized we needed to pivot to a business that was rock solid; a business that is part of the bedrock of our society; a business that was instrumental in the founding of this nation; a business that can NEVER POSSIBLY FAIL, despite the changing landscape of media and culture.

I speak, of course, of the NEWSPAPER business. Now I know you must be thinking "sure, being in the newspaper business is like printing money, but how will your newspaper stand out amongst all the rest"? The answer, dear friend, is TECHNOLOGY. In this case, the cutting edge technology of EMAIL, delivering each issue directly to you through a complex ballet of electrons, photons, and other occult forces!

And thus, with much fanfare, The Other Door is launching the Desperate Times weekly, bringing you activities and libations during the apocalypse. We are confident that this bold vision promises brighter days ahead, and we strongly recommend you subscribe everyone you know, right now!









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